Things To Know About A Foil Shaver

It is not easy to buy an electric shaver given the numerous options available in the market. Better than shavers, buying your first foil shaver or any other shaver for that matter is complicated. Click here to read more on the mistakes you might be making while shaving Also when you are moving from a razor to a shaver patience is the key else you might hurt yourself in the process. Ensure you buy a shaver which suits your hair and skin. Mentioned below are a few things that you should consider as well as know before purchasing a shaver.

What is a foil shaver
It is a variant of a shaver and is considered an electric razor. A thin layer of metal foil covers the blades and acts as a protective layer to your skin from the blades which are sharp. Also, this thin layer ensures there is no direct contact with your skin. A foil shaver is useful when you are looking for a close shave. The movement of the blade is back and forth, and the metal foil captures the hair that the blade trims.
How to shave with a foil shaver
The best way to use a foil shaver is to stand in front of a mirror and cut. Based on the type of shaver you should apply oil or any shaving lotion. Some shavers can trim your hair without any creams and you can use water. Plug into the electric socket the shaver and start with the area where you want to cut. Make sure to place the shaver close to the area so that the blade is in contact with the hair for maximum result. You should mover the shaver up, down, left and right till you get the needed finish. Post completion applies moisturizers or after-shave lotions to avoid skin irritations or redness. These shavers can be used daily without causing any harm to the skin.

Pros and cons
The primary advantage of this type of shaver is that it can give you a clean-shaven look and can be used daily for shaving or trimming. This type of shaver is easy to use and shaves quickly and precisely compared to other shavers.
The disadvantage of this shaver is that they cannot be used in circular motion and a few people find it difficult to use.

How to enhance the lifespan of the shaver
● Do not ignore overheating: Do not use the shaver excessively as it can cause the device to overheat. If your razor starts to get heated up suddenly and consistently consider replacing the head with a new one that is compatible with the shaver. You can also apply lubricants to avoid overheating. Also, remember to switch off the device after use.
● Do not trim long hair: This tool is not suited for cutting long hair, use a trimmer instead and then use foil shaver to get a clean shave.
● Dry the shaver before storing: Clean and wipe the shaver with a cloth to dry it. This shaver has a metal foil and can get rusted if you store it wet.

Adding A Bar Sink Can Uplift Your Home Aesthetics And Functionality


While considering a home renovation, it is important to think of prep or bar sink keeping the utility value in mind. There is a wide range of choices available when it comes to bar sink. With a little bit of research, you can end up with the right bar sink. If you are looking for bar sinks cabinets online, it is important to start with a few questions before you continue your online buying journey. offers guidance on buying a suitable bar sink for your needs. Bar sink is the ideal choice if you want a sink in between the bathroom and the kitchen.

Some of the questions to ask while shopping is listed below:
1. What is the best thing about bar sinks?
2. Can a garbage disposal be installed below it?
3. Does the manufacturer provide with convenient accessories like sink baskets, board covers, etc. to increase its functionality in the kitchen?

Types Of Basins
Having an ideal sink for your bar needs is crucial. As it would be a part of your home, ensure it is aesthetic and functional. It is available in as a single bowl or double bowl. The first one is a self-rimming model also known as over mounted sink or drop in model. This sits pretty well in the holes that are cut to the right shape well on top of the counter or the base. The hole is cut to fit the sink, and the rim seals the surface. It is easy to install and works best for countertops.

The second is the undermount type with the edges exposed. The final finish is given to flow seamlessly inside the sink below it. Waterproof sealant is used to finish it. This is a modern style making it convenient to wipe spills from the counter. These also come with matching covers and giving more counter space while not in use.

Sink Material
Sinks come in a different material. Some are made from specific materials, and it requires extra support based on the usage. It is a part of decision-making process, and it is important to choose the right material that is both beautiful and functional.
· Acrylic is the most common material as it is resistant to stain and contains anti-bacterial properties. These are durable and glossy.
· Bronze sinks are beautiful and durable. Chemicals or abrasives should not be used on the skin as it can leave a dark brown patina. Clean with care using hot water and gentle soap.
· Stainless steel is the most economical and easy to clean. It is impact resistant and is durable. Ideal for kitchen purposes.
· Composite is a combination of several compounds like metal, enamel grade, porcelain, structural materials, and resins. These are bonded and shaped to give a lasting appeal. It comes in different colors and is scratch resistant.
· Stone or Granite sinks are a heavy option and need support to be installed. It is heat and scratch resistant. The downfall is that it stains easily and needs cleaning with warm water and soap.
· Ceramics can resist high temperature and is nonporous leaving the surface free of stains.

Using the right bar sink can give complete value for money invested and also serve the purpose.