Removing Algae From Swimming Pool

Dolphin Pool Cleaners

A good pool can give quite a relaxation to mind and body. A completely maintained swimming pool can be used for fun purposes, water games, etc. However, for all these the main thing to be remembered is the hygiene of the swimming pool. Cleaning agencies like Dolphin Pool Cleaners can help to get the pool clean on a frequent basis. Swimming is one of the best exercises which can give you good health, says However, water problems such as algae should be removed completely for the pool to be healthy. How easy to get rid of this pest? Let’s see below some tips for that.

These aquatic creatures can regulate photosynthesis. You believe or not. This creature will be there in the pool even though you have cleaned the pool. The size of algae is very small, and it awaits the perfect time to bloom, mostly on sunny days. The main reason behind the growth of these algae is the dirt that gets accumulated in the pool. The more the dirt is, the more space for the algae to grow. This also forms a great location for the algae to get multiplied.

The pool should be properly managed and balanced. The chemicals that have been poured into the pool for the cleaning purposes, the existence of carbon dioxide and sunlight can help the algae grow. Along with this substandard sanitation, poor filtration can also help in the growth. There are many ways which have been proven successful for the removal of algae. These ways can save some bucks as well. The bacteria from algae is not good for the people who use the swimming pool regularly.

One of the major ways to remove the algae is to check the PH level as well as the chlorine level of the water in the pool. If chlorine is less in the water, the algae will grow. To stop that the correct amount of chlorine should be added to the water. Remember not to add too much of it, as too much chlorine can later create skin issues as well as eye problems. The same goes with the Ph level as well. The range of PH level should not fall below 7.6. An increased rate can create health issue to the users. Proper Filtration is another thing that needs to be taken care of. There are a lot of chances of dry leaves falling to the pool water or stick or other items that can create a clog in the pool. The filter should run all day long so that the pool can remain clean.

Scrubbing is a perfect way to get rid of this aquatic creature. Brushing the pool and robotic pool cleaners which are very famous of lately can be used on a regular basis which helps in delaying the growth of algae. Find the areas where the algae have started it growth and brush that area thoroughly. If you leave the pool untouched, it is sure that the algae will grow and it will be difficult for the pool users. So, to have a healthy pool, you will have to follow these simple steps so that pool can be used for a complete relaxation.