Bridal fashion design for self expression

Back in the past, when it came to wedding gowns, it was paramount for the bride to uphold tradition especially to appease their families and keep up with the trend then. However, things have evolved and weddings are more of self-expression and a time for the couples to share their love. Today, brides are opting to break the traditional white dresses for their wedding. Instead, they are going for dresses that rightly fit the theme for their special day. For instance, some go for dresses that are far too revealing, some for cuts that fall below the knee while others for dresses that they can even re-wear to other events.


The untraditional wedding dress for the bride used to be white in color. Brides nowadays add different colors to their wedding dresses to make the event even brighter. We have seen wedding dresses having bright shades of red, blue, purple and even pink. Remember the type and color of shoes, accessories and wedding decorations all depend on the color and type of wedding dress that you wear. Wedding dresses today are also affected by the time of the year that the wedding is taking place. A good example is a wedding held on the valentine day, the appropriate attire will be a red one to symbolize love while one held on the 4th of July should have shades of blue, white and red. A wedding held during Christmas should have the bride wearing a red and white dress.


When it comes to the style of the wedding dress, you need something that reflects your true values. Go for any dress that complements your figure well and presents you in the best light. Remember unlike the traditional wedding occasions, the wedding is mainly intended to celebrate your holy union with your partner and you should do this in way that you feel comfortable. Wear a dress that fits your theme for the occasion. For instance, if you are getting married at the beach go for a sun dress. Apart from the pattern, you can also experiment with the material of the dress. A bride who is so much into the environment should go for an organic cotton gown while one who is into self-expression and wild fashion can go for a red or blue one.

Always feel free to choose different dresses before making your final decision. Remember that your wedding is a once in lifetime event and you deserve the best for this day.