How To Protect Hot Towel Cabinets

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Hot towel cabinets are small appliances that appear to be like a microwave oven. Hot towel cabinets are generally used by beauty salons, massage clinics, barber shops and hair salons. The key function of this device is to keep the towels warm or to heat them up. Are you keen to know more about the hot towel cabinets? You can get information regarding the towel warmer tips, cabinet features, and benefits of the cabinets and all that you require in
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We tend to forget that these hot towel cabinets are one of the beautiful equipment. It is rare to have one break, but when many therapists share a common room for treatment, it may get damaged. Following are some tips on towel warmers.

Clean Your Towel Warmer Often
It is essential to wipe the inner side thoroughly especially when your towels are used for oil massaging. Make it a point to attend promptly the moment you spill anything on the towel warmer, as it becomes a tough task to remove the stains when it gets settled permanently.

The rack should be removed and wiped off spotless. Make sure your wipe the inner side of the cabinet as well.

Do not forget to check the rubber gaskets which would help in sealing the doors of the towel warmer. You need to take away the rubber gaskets that are attached to the metal door and wipe off the wreckage. Cleaning the towel warmer is similar to cleaning the fridge.

Wipe the drip tray by emptying it. You need to pull out the drip tray completely which is beneath the cabinet for cleaning. Many are not aware of the existence of the drip tray. But it is really necessary to clean the drip tray for better performance.

After wiping the outer surface of the side towel warmer, finish your cleaning process by fumigating all around your cabinet. Once the process of cleaning is over, keep the door of the cabinet open to get dried completely off. In some places, the drip tray is kept outside the cabinet as an indication that the cabinet is cleaned.

You need to check if the screws of the cabinet are held tightly, as the doors may get loosened due to the frequent opening and closing of the door. If the screws fall off, the cabinet may fall apart. So, ensure you tighten the screws with the help of a screwdriver.
The on and off button in the cabinet gets worn out as it gets older. You can replace the switch yourself if required or get it done by the repair shop before it totally stops working. Check for any cracks in the doors of the cabinet and get it repaired if required.

Any equipment lasts long and works efficiently when it is maintained properly with extra care.
So, hope the above tips are good enough to help you protect your hot towel cabinets from any damages.