Thoughts on God, Man and Life

Thoughts on God

Do you not believe now is the time? In case you look back in your own life, are there not some things you wish you’d not done? Sure! All of us have!

But where are you now? Have you learned anything from pass encounters?

Making errors in life is common to all or any people. But, the inquiry is what we do, after the errors. Do we understand them? Do we cover them up? Do we blame others?

Or are we sorry for what we’ve done; and seek to make amends?

Our conscience would thank us and reward us for our repentance. God would additionally be pleased with our sincere approach towards life.

Unfortunately or fortunately, mankind has to learn from his errors. As a result, when God doesn’t, his scenario is pitiful–to say the least.

World has experienced, and continues to experience many self-inflicted disasters and failures. Many have tried to experience life’s intricacies –without the assistance of wisdom.

The issue is– life Many understands hardly any about it was not created by person!

Some are surprised to understand that there’s Someone constantly present, who understands our ideas, strategies and activities before they are conceived by us!

All this! Are you surprise? Don’t be! He’s God. We were created by him! He should understand everything about us!

You may question, God loves us, and if he knows everything about us does He enable mankind to do things dangerous to others and to themselves.

This raises another crucial issue. It’s the issue of being free ethical-beings. It’s the power of selection!

Our being free moral beings, isn’t to be dismissed! Here is where world regularly brings disaster and adversity on themselves. Some use their liberty as permit, to do whatever thoughts and their perceptions tell them to do–things generally dangerous to others or themselves.

Also, it seems each generation has moved a little farther away from the middle of truth, than the last one; or doing the proper thing.

That said, one may argued, each succeeding generation faced challenges, temptations, and pitfalls, than the preceding one!

Yet, God will make all things that are inappropriate right–among His creation.

Many individuals have great difficulty in valuing an aspect of God justice. The persons erroneously believe he’s unaware of it or it is ignored by him.

But, we’re all responsible and liable for the manner we live here on earth:

People who believe in justice, frequently wonder why God chooses, so long to make wrong things right!

This leads to a different aspect of God — longsuffering or His patience!

What do we understand about God’s patience? Why is God longsuffering and patient with us?

It’s because we’re rebellious and disobedient. We adore to get our own manner. However, God loves us. He’s unwilling that any should perish. We should take complete benefit of our current window of Grace–while it is offered by him to us.