Know Some Facts About Tilt Tray Towing Services


Whenever we hear the term Towing Services, we always imagine the broken vehicle that is connected to the hook of the towing truck. Such imagination is quite normal till we see and know more about the most innovative Gecko Logistics tilt tray Perth. This tilt tray is known to be a type of advanced technology which has revolutionized the means these towing vehicles operates their business. For more information and safety measures while using a tilt tray towing vehicles, readers can browse the website This short article is written for the benefit of the vehicle owners to know the advantages of hiring the towing firms that use these innovative tilt tray vehicles to tow the accident or broken-down vehicles in the highways or city roads.

How the tile-tray trucks differ from the standard towing truck?

Tilt-tray trucks also known as ‘flatbed trucks’ are much larger than the regular towing trucks. In general, these tilt-tray type of trucks, unlike the regular towing trucks, will not drag the damaged vehicles from the streets but just carry them on a tilted platform by keeping the broken vehicle. This is possible by the use of hydraulic system provided in the vehicle which makes the broken vehicle to move easily into the truck. The size of the rear platform varies according to the types of vehicle which come in various models.

The entire tray or the platform can reach the ground level with the help of the hydraulic systems, and with the help of winch rope, the damaged vehicle can be moved quickly with least manual effort. Once the damaged car is placed on the surface of the platform, it can be moved to its original position before the towing journey starts to the desired destination. The larger sized tilt-trucks can hold up to three cars at a time.

What is special in tilt-tray towing?

More often we see the awkward shape of the vehicles when they involve in road accidents. In such a condition it may be difficult for the normal tow trucks to tow such vehicles. In this context a tray –tile truck will be highly handy as it can easily position its adjustable platform at different angles to load the damaged vehicle and keep the same in the safest position for towing.

Tilt-tray towing service companies are available these days in all large cities. One can use the Internet to find the right company in the local areas. These unique vehicles are available at affordable rates. These vehicles are widely used by the city administrators when they see multiple accidents in the high ways where most vehicles get damaged on account of a single mishap. Such things are common when vehicles are driven at high speed on the national highway.

Undoubtedly, tilt-tray trucks are slowly replacing the traditional towing trucks we see more often. This is mainly due to the convenience of the transport firms as well as the vehicle owners. Most of the insurance firms prefer this type of vehicle for the purpose of towing.